contentACCESS Administration documentation – version Orion

Introduction to contentACCESS Administration

contentACCESS Administration is a user-friendly solution designed to address various backup scenarios encountered by organizations. It provides support for email, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams management, and it even offers cloud backup solutions. This tool simplifies task implementation and data backup procedures, offering a straightforward approach to securely storing essential data.
With contentACCESS Administration, users can seamlessly configure plugin instances (jobs) in the background to manage tasks efficiently without interrupting their workflow or compromising access to critical data. Moreover, the platform ensures unified access to stored content, regardless of the target destination, streamlining data retrieval processes.
In addition, contentACCESS Administration is seamlessly integrated with contentACCESS framework. This synchronization mechanism ensures that any configuration changes made in either platform are automatically reflected in the other. For instance, creating a storage in Central Administration will promptly appear in contentACCESS Administration, and vice versa, enhancing consistency and efficiency across the backup infrastructure.

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