contentACCESS Email Archive – Best Practices

1.Use Case: Email Archive configuration for companies with up to 2,000 mailboxes

This document gives you an overview to configure email archive for the company similar to the use case’s company.

bpea1 Please keep in mind that the names, configurations, and units that we chose in this use case have only an informative character.

What is contentACCESS?

contentACCESS is an information management platform for migration, collaboration, access, and transformation of data from different sources, any time, from any devices.


Goal: TECH-ARROW’s mailbox archive
Company size: up to 2,000 mailboxes
Exchange server: O365 (to be configured within EWS Settings)
Mailbox to be archived:
Message classes to be archived: Mails, Documents
Archiving method: using HTML shortcuts
contentACCESS single server: tanews
External accessibility of the contentACCESS server: (to be configured in FQDN settings)
Storage: single disk store
Database: single database
Retention time: 10 years
Scheduler: provisioning job running daily from 1 AM; email archive process running every day from 6 PM
Monitoring feature: troubleshooting of potential system and job related misconfiguration
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