contentACCESS File Archive – Best Practices 4.0

15.Creating a Content indexing job

Now we create a Content indexing job, which will assign the selected index zone to files of the selected root folders.

a) On the page of Indexing (System → Services → Indexing) click on + new option under Indexing.

b) Name the indexing job (in our case, FileArchive indexing) and select the node it will run on. Click on Add. When the system asks if you would like to configure this instance now, select Yes.

The administrator must configure these sections on the job’s configuration page:
c) Scheduling settings – run every 5 minutes
d) Resource settings – specify the number “4”
e) Filtering settings – set here the file types that should and shouldn’t be processed
f) Entities to index – select the entities that will be processed by the job
g) Index zone settings – set the index zone that will be assigned to items by the indexing job (in our case, we will use the default one)
h) Notification settings – you can set where and when to send emails about the potential errors

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