contentACCESS File Archive – Best Practices

1.USE CASE: 15 steps for File Archive configuration

This guide gives an overall overview about the required settings of a File Archive job.

bpea1 Please remember that the names, configurations, and units that we chose in this use case have only an informative character.

A company is using contentACCESS File Archive with 2 criteria: a) the Keep original method (backup files with versioning) is often used daily, while b) files older than 1 year are archived with the shortcutting method. The main advantage of the b) method is the spared space on the computer. It is much easier to restore/reopen files stored with method a). It depends on a particular situation which method is advisable to use. You can use both methods simultaneously to have your daily backup (with versions when files are changed) and archive your old files using shortcuts.

Goal: TECH-ARROW’s file archive
Folders to be archived: Share \\tanews\EBA\FA_TestFiles on the \\tanews\EBA root
Archiving method: using shortcuts
contentACCESS single server: tanews
Storage: single disk store
Database: single database
Retention time: 10 years
Scheduler: provisioning job running daily from 1 AM; file archive process running every day from 6 PM
Monitoring feature: troubleshooting of potential system and job related misconfiguration
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