contentACCESS Mobile version 1.1

4.User interface

The user interface of cA Mobile is divided into following sections:

    1. Breadcrumbs – The logged on user may see here the entity that he is currently connected to in the “Connect to” menu;
    2. “Connect to” menu – From this menu the user may connect to the associated entities. An entity can be an email archive mailbox, file system archive folder etc., so anything processed/archived by a certain contentACCESS plugin type and displayed in this menu;
    3. Button for enabling/disabling subfolder view;
    4. Search textbox – search in the entity/folder you are connected to;
    5. Subfolders of the entity;
    6. Content of the entity;
    7. Pages – Browse, Search, Saved, Settings (they are the same for all entities);
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