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4.4.Saved page

The items that were previously saved (from their context menu option) will appear on this page.

The items can be deleted by swiping them left and then clicking on the delete button.

When you open an item from the Saved page, the view is the same as on Browse page, except there are details in the header about the sent date/last modification date and from where was the item saved.

The context menu of the saved item allows the following actions:

  • Open – opens the saved item
  • Share – the saved item can be shared
  • Update file – updates the saved item if any changes were made
  • Remove from saved items – removes the item from the list of saved items on the Saved page
  • Reply/Reply all/Forward/Show message – same as in the Email Archive (appears only if the saved item comes from the Email Archive or GDPR Exchange)
  • Close – closes the context menu
  • If there are no saved items on the Saved page, the following message appears:

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