contentACCESS Remote File archiving – version 3.9

4.4.Archiving workstations in a workgroup

This use case is mostly used at very small companies. In this case, there are no common resources in the company, there is no domain. Each user owns a workstation, where he is logging in with a local user (exists on that machine only) and is working with local files.

The RFA deployment and configuration in this case must be done manually: by the user or by the administrator. As the first step, the administrator needs to create contentACCESS users in Central Administration for every user and grant the necessary rights (System -> Users).

Note: When using contentACCESS 3.8 and/or older version, the user must have at least Tenant administrator rights to be able to register his machine to contentACCESS.

Then RFA must be installed on each workstation and the connection to contentACCESS must be configured. For the connection, each user must use his own contentACCESS user which was created by administrator in the previous step. Once everything is configured, then the users can create their own archiving rules, or the administrator can create global rules in contentACCESS and assign to any or all agents.

The users can use RFA client to manage their files in the archive or use any contentACCESS client application (contentWEB, officeGATE, contentACCESS Mobile).

Each user must be manually registered in contentACCESS by the administrator. The choice of login is up to the administrator: Forms, Azure. Windows login can’t be created for these users.

Data access
The user has access to own resources only, i.e. to the archived workstation.
Access to other resources must be granted by the administrator. If the administrator grants access to a different workstation, the granted user has full access to that workstation.

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