contentGATE common migration steps

1.Introduction to contentGATE

contentGATE is a software application that allows users to migrate emails, files, metadata and other related records fast and securely from one (even legacy) archive system to another archive system.

contentGATE has been developed to solve the

  1. mailbox archive migration and
  2. file archive migration scenarios in an organization.

The migration process with contentGATE enables to transfer the data from the source to the target archive. It is possible to migrate 1) items and 2) also shortcuts.

  • Item migration means transferring archived documents from one archive to another.
  • Shortcut migration converts shortcuts in user mailboxes (in case of mailbox migration) and in document management systems (in case of file migration) so that they point to the new location, i.e. to the target archive.

The reasons why a customer migrates data from one system to another might be various: the old system is not supported anymore, the archive system of company branches should be merged, or the capacity and performance of the old archive is no more sufficient. The possibility of the archive migration reduces the costs and risks of moving large amount of data. It ensures that all data remain accessible in the new archive system.

This manual will inform the reader about the common steps for contentGATE installation and migrations.

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