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8.3.EVPM logging

Enterprise Vault creates LOG files containing detailed information about the imported PST file. The LOG file is created in the shared EV folder and the filename is the same as the name of the INI file.


Root folder: <BASEFOLDER> on EV server

Sub folder: \user email\<STAGEDATE>retention category name\type of PST

File name: mailboxID

Extension: .log
(\\ev-test\CGShared\p.csaba@testdomain.internal\2012.10.05T23.59.59\Default Retention Category\Deleted)


“Start Time : 10/4/2012 3:01:03 PM
Initialization File : C:\CGShared\test12@testdomain.internal\2012.10.04T14.55.15\Default\ForeignNotDeleted\17_test12_1_Default.ini
03:01:03 Processing PST file: C:\CGShared\test12@testdomain.internal\2012.10.04T14.55.15\Default\ForeignNotDeleted\exported.pst
PST migration option settings:
PST File: C:\CGShared\test12@testdomain.internal\2012.10.04T14.55.15\Default\ForeignNotDeleted\exported.pst
Exchange Mailbox: /o=First Organization/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=test12
Retention Category: 19BA67C8CFDEDF148A0498E7D7321BB051b10000EV-TEST.TESTDOMAIN.INTERNAL
Mailbox Folder:
Server Computer Name: EV-TEST
Merge PST Folders: 1
Include Deleted Items: 1
Set PST Hidden: 0
Set PST ReadOnly: 0
Compact PST: 0
Delete PST: 0
Cancel Mailbox AutoArchive: 1
03:01:07 PST Migration completed successfully
PST migration summary:
PST File: C:\CGShared\test12@testdomain.internal\2012.10.04T14.55.15\Default\ForeignNotDeleted\exported.pst
Number of folders processed: 5
Number of items archived to vault: 4 of 5
– Number of items not eligible for archiving because of PST Migration Policy setting: 1
Number of items moved to mailbox: 5 of 5
– Number of archived items moved to mailbox: 4
– Number of other items moved to mailbox: 1
Number of PST migrations performed: 1
Number of PST migrations completed successfully: 0
Number of PSTs partially processed: 1
Number of PST migrations failed: 0
Number of PST migrations unprocessed: 0
Number of PST migrations processing incomplete: 0
New initialization file generated: C:\CGShared\test12@testdomain.internal\2012.10.04T14.55.15\Default\ForeignNotDeleted\17_test12_1_Default_1.INI
Review the new file, fix any problems and run Policy Manager with this new initialization file.
End Time : 10/4/2012 3:01:08 PM”

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