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9.5.Finish file does not contain response that the import was successfully finished

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Solution: double-click on the failed row, it will open the job’s folder.

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Open the file with extension “.finished”. It contains the output of the EVPM process and the error description why the EVPM can’t import the PST file. Restart the migration after fixing the error.

Description: 12:31:26 PST Migration(s) interrupted due to Storage Service shutdown
Solution: start the EV storage service.

“Creating privileged MAPI session …

Parsing input file: C:\CGShared\test10@testdomain.internal\2012.10.05T23.59.59\Default\Foreign\Normal\15_test10_1_Default.ini
Error parsing command file: C:\CGShared\test10@testdomain.internal\2012.10.05T23.59.59\Default\Foreign\Normal\15_test10_1_Default.ini, error follows:

Line number in error: 3
Section in error: Directory
Attribute in error: SiteName
Value in error: ExchangeTest”

Solution: probably one or more EV services are stopped. Check and start the services on the EV machine.

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