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7.1.4.Import PST files to the target archive (shortcut scan + compare + PST export and import)

contentGATE uses the EVPM application of Enterprise Vault to inject data into the email archive. The export packages prepared in the previous phase are transferred (or mapped) to the Enterprise Vault server and then EVPM is invoked on the PST files. The active messages are injected with the option to create shortcut, the inactive messages are injected without shortcuts.

The import is running asynchronously and no specific order is defined. The mailbox is considered as imported if all export packages of the mailbox are successfully imported. After a mailbox is completely exported, the shortcut cleanup phase follows.

Technical details:

contentGATE is calling the EV Importer service and passes the created INI file to service.

After importing the PST, the EV Importer service creates file ‘.finished’. (Location info in section EV Importer service logging.)

The EVPM creates a log file, too. (see the details in section EVPM logging)

More information about these files in section Log files.

If contentGATE is aborted during the import, the import continues on the EV server. Next time the migration is started, contentGATE checks the readiness using the finished file. If the finished file indicates that the import is ready, the migration continues with the next phase. If it is not ready, contentGATE tries to import it again (might lead to an error, in this case retry later).

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