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7.1.2.Message categorization (shortcut scan + compare)

All the documents (messages) are read in the source archive and are categorized by:

  • Retention category
  • Status (active and inactive)
  • Based on the documents retentions categories (in the source archive) and the results of the shortcut scan (active vs. inactive documents), the documents are split to several packages. Based on this categorization, multiple export packages are created for the user. An export package is a set of PST files.

    The message is active if it is available in MAM and the user has a shortcut (one or more) in its mailbox pointing to the document. The message is inactive if it has no shortcut. The message status decides in which export package (PST) the message will be included: active messages will be exported/imported to include shortcuts; inactive messages will be exported/imported without shortcuts in the target archive.

    Technical details:

    The split documents (messages) are stored in subfolders like the following:

    <BASEFOLDER>\user email\<STAGEDATE>\retention category\document type



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