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7.1.3.Message transformation and PST export (shortcut scan, compare + PST export)

The following processes are involved in this migration step:

  • Downloading message files from MAM
  • Applying transformation on message files
  • Exporting to PST

The export package might contain multiple PST files – the PST files are limited in size. If the data volume does not fit into one PST file, multiple files are created. The default size of a PST file is 10 GB.

Optionally, transformations can be run on the message files by using the information from the “shortcut discovery” phase (refer to the note in step 1). If the transformation is enabled, the message file is updated with the latest changes from the shortcut. The transformed message is then exported to the export package.

Once the export packages are ready, the import phase can take place.

Technical details:

The next step is collecting the necessary information for the INI file creation.

The standard Enterprise Vault tool, EVPM needs this file that can import PST files to the EV.

The INI file is created in the same folder (where’s the PST created).

File name: mailboxID

Extension: .ini



DirectoryComputerName = EV-TEST

SiteName = ExchangeTest


CancelMbxAutoArchive = True

IncludeDeletedItems = True

MigrationMode = Process

PSTLanguage = Western European

ServerComputerName = EV-TEST


ShortcutMode = NoShortcuts

FileName = C:\CGShared\test30@testdomain.internal\2012.10.05T23.59.59\Default\Deleted\exported.pst

MailboxDN = /o=First Organization/ou=Exchange Administrative Group


RetentionCategory = 1E02B91FC8E7766448245A5E5A55E638E1b10000EV-TEST.TESTDOMAIN.INTERNAL

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