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7.4.Fulltext search

Note: For more information about the search query language, please read this section.

The fulltext search allows the user to search in the entity, which he selected in the Connect to dropdown list – archived mailbox, File archive root or SharePoint archive root site.

If you move your cursor over the Type search text here… field, a pop-up with some search filtering options and recent search will appear.

If the user has access to more than just one entity, he gets the option to Search everywhere – it will allow him to search in all the entities he has access to. If the user has access to only one entity, Search everywhere is not enabled.

Note: When searching in multiple archives, the sorting of results may be a bit “out of order”. The reason is that the search engine is not able to merge and sort data coming from multiple sources(archives) and sorts results from every archive separately.

If the user does a search using Search everywhere and there are models which support Fulltext search and also those which don’t, a result mode selector will be visible. If the user selects Fulltext, it will search only in models which support Fulltext search. If the user selects Others, it will search in models which support other types of search, except fulltext.

In this case, the user has access to entities dne@ta.internal and ane@ta.internal

so if the user searches for a phrase or applies a filter (requirement) that more items of the mailboxes meet, it will look for example like this:

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