contentWEB documentation – version 4.0

6.8.User profile page

The user profile page is directly accessible for end users from contentWEB.

On the page it is possible to see the name, display name, tenant, user logins and login sessions of the current user. There are options to change the display name and the password. The user can also log out using the Logout button in the upper right corner. To return back to contentWEB, click on the Go to contentWEB under the list of login sessions.

Changing the display name

  • click on the change next to the Display name of the user
  • type in the desired name and click on the Save button
  • Changing the password

  • click on the change next to the Password
  • type in the current password, the desired password and another time the desired password to confirm it (the new and confirm must match), then click on the Change button. The Password strength bar changes depending on the new password length, minimum character count is 8.

  • if your password was successfully changed, a green notification bar will appear
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