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12.1.Sharing tasks

By default, the following actions can be run on the selected sharing items:

  1. Refresh
  2. Export to ZIP
  3. Create report
  4. Activate/suspend sharing
  5. Download history refresh

The Export to ZIP and Create report sharing tasks can be disabled/enabled in the Administrator’s settings on the Task types tab. For more information read section Enabling/disabling tasks.

This option should be used if any items have not been displayed in the item list yet and the list of items should be reloaded.

Export to ZIP
To export one or multiple sharing item(s) into ZIP format, select the item(s) from the item list and click on the Export to ZIP button located above the item list.

Choose if you want to export all items from the current folder, or only the selected item(s). Click on Create or press enter.

Create report

Read more about this feature here.

Activate/suspend sharing
With this function, the owner (the user who shared the file) can stop the sharing of his file and disable downloading of the shared data by anyone else. He can also re-enable the sharing later. If a sharing is public and it expires or is suspended, even the owner won’t be able to download the shared files.

Download history refresh
This option should be used if any downloads of a shared item have not been displayed yet and the list should be reloaded.

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