officeGATE Manual

1.Introduction to officeGATE

officeGATE is an MS Outlook add-in connecting your email client with your local file-system and with your SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Dropbox, Saperion, Saperion Workplace, Datengut Bauakte, contentACCESS, and many other providers.

When we work with emails and attachments we often use multiple applications. The collaboration between these applications is complicated and time consuming. What would be the right solution for this problem? If you choose officeGATE you do not need to switch to other applications. Directly from your Outlook you can have an easy access to your folders and documents. Simply drag&drop your attachments from/to the email into SharePoint or your local folders, and work with your files comfortably without any time-consuming navigations in your local or cloud file system. Just one simple move with your mouse and you have it!
OfficeGATE is the easiest way how to handle with your emails and attachments. Start to enjoy its benefits, save your valuable time and thus your money – even for free!

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