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4.2.2.Connecting to third -party DMS providers (Datengut, Perceptive)

It is also possible to connect to third-party DMS (data management software) providers – such as Datengut, Perceptive (also known as Saperion ECM) – in officeGATE. Third party DMS providers are integrated as plugins into the contentACCESS provider. To be able to connect to these providers, the respective third-party authentication provider must be enabled in contentACCESS. (For more information refer to section “Login providers” in the contentACCESS Manual.) Single sign on authentication is supported as well. Single sign on means, that it is not required to create a Datengut or Perceptive user login in contentACCESS to connect to Perceptive or Datengut DMS in officeGATE. The user login will be created automatically in the background when logging into the Datengut/Perceptive DMS from officeGATE.

How to connect to the Datengut/Perceptive DMS in officeGATE.
Click on oGATE 18contentACCESS node in the pane, open its context menu and choose oGATE 13 Settings from the list. The contentACCESS connector settings dialog opens. Configure here the following sections:

  • Enter the contentACCESS server name into the Server name field;
  • Specify the correct connection URL;
  • Select the Datengut/Perceptive Authentication type.
  • Type in your already existing Datengut/Perceptive user logins.
  • Check the connection via Test connection button and click on Save.

The Datengut/Perceptive model will be connected to your officeGATE. You can check it with unfolding the contentACCESS node in the officeGATE’s pane:

oGATE 2.7 doc 16 oGATE 2.7 doc 83

Screenshot A: Establishing the connection with the Perceptive model                                                             Screenshot B: Perceptive node in tree view

oGATE 28 oGATE 2.7 doc 17

        Screenshot A: Establishing connection with Datengut                                                                   Screenshot B: Datengut node in tree view

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