officeGATE Manual

1.1.Key features

  • Built-in providers. officeGATE establishes a direct connection between your email client and common providers(SharePoint, MS OneDrive, MS OneDrive Business, Dropbox, Saperion Workplace etc.).
  • Drag&Drop. Copy files with a simple move of mouse from/to the email message into SharePoint or other local providers.
  • Edit. You can open, remove and edit files/folders directly from your Outlook.
  • Send files as an attachment directly from officeGATE panel.
  • Copy files between providers directly form the list view.
  • Choose to attach a file itself, a link to the file, or send multiple files as a ZIP. When you right-click on the file in the pane you can decide how to attach it.
  • Search in title and contents of your documents.
  • Customize your access with Favorites. Define your own favorite folders or SharePoint sites.
  • Connect to multiple SharePoint sites.
  • Directly from Outlook you can use SharePoint’s content type selection and metadata fill features.
  • USE IT FOR FREE or pay for the Premium version.
  • Premium version features: Connection to multiple SharePoint sites, Automatic upload, Rules Definition.
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