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3.1.officeGATE pane’s overview

The picture below shows for the user the officeGATE pane (red frame) with the available providers. A provider is a document management system connected with officeGATE (like oneDrive, SharePoint etc.) that is used to handle with the documents. The officeGATE pane consists of its header part and the pane with the available providers. The following option can be accessed from the header (purple frame) part:

  • View selectors (1. tree view , 2. list view, 4. collapse all) – more details here;
  • Search (3) – more details here;
  • Favorites collector (5) – more details here;
  • officeGATE settings (6) – more details here;
  • Feedback message (7).

The providers are listed alphabetically in the pane. We marked them with green on the screenshot below. Many of these providers are already expanded so their contents are also visible. Use the folders and the items context menu items to work with your folders/libraries/documents.

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