Outlook forms Installation Manual – version 5.4


  1. Open Outlook and turn on the Developer ribbon if it is not visible yet.
    In Outlook 2010: navigate to FileOptionsCustomize Ribbon:

  2. In the tree on the right side, check the Developer group.
  3. On the Developer tab of the ribbon, select the option Design a Form:

  4. In the Look In dropdown, select the option User Templates in File System and locate the CA_techarrow.oft file first.

  5. Select CA_techarrow, click Open and the form opens in design mode.
  6. Now click on the Publish button and select Publish Form As….

  7. Depending on where you want to install the form, select either Organizational Forms Library (Exchange wide installation) or Personal Forms Library (user installation).
  8. Change the Display name to “CA” and click Publish.

    The form is published and can be used to open the archived messages.

  9. Close the designed form and answer No to the question whether the changes should be saved. The form was already published and there is no need to save it anywhere.
  10. Now repeat steps 3–9., and install forms CA_F_techarrow.oft and CA_R_techarrow.oft as well. In step 8, CA_F_techarrow.oft must be published as IPM.Note.CA.F (Display name is CA.F), and CA_R_techarrow.oft must be published as IPM.Note.CA.R (Display name is CA.R):

    Publishing CA_F_techarrow.oft

    Publishing CA_R_techarrow.oft
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