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1.Introduction to teamsTALK

teamsTALK is a client application, which allows you to use MS Teams chat directly in Outlook. Now your MS Teams – thanks to our teamsTALK application – are a fully recognized part of your MS Outlook. The teamsTALK application is designed to fit beautifully into your Outlook as a natively integrated part. It allows you to either continue with your current chats from MS Teams or start a new chat directly in the Outlook interface. The teamsTALK application is available for both OWA and your Outlook desktop application and will also run on your MAC OS X. teamsTALK brings you to a new level of teamwork effectiveness while working with your Outlook client.

In the teamsTALK app, the user can:

    1. See the existing chats with others – all Teams chats will be automatically displayed in the teamsTALK
    2. Start new chats
    3. Send chat messages to people
    4. Send links through the chat
    5. Read the chat messages sent by others

The installation is more than easy:

  • you can download teamsTALK from the official Microsoft Store
  • no need to install anything on your machine
  • no need to ask for admin approval to install teamsTALK to your Outlook
  • security is ensured, your data is staying inside Microsoft servers and every sensitive part of your communication is transferred purely between Microsoft and teamsTALK
  • the free version of the teamsTALK application is available as a 30-day trial version
Important: If you are having trouble with the installation, please contact us on the following email address:, or visit the website:

Learn more about the app: visit our teamsTALK web.

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