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The Settings function opens the settings page of the application. This page allows the user to configure the application and displays the logged-in user.
The Settings page provides the following actions:

      1. Email – email address of the logged in user
      2. Default view – this allows the user to define the startup view of the application. The options are the following:
    • Chat – opens the Chat list
    • Quick chat – opens the Quick chat
    • Last used – opens the last used screen, what can be anything, even one specific chat
      3. Change language – allows the user to select the language of the application. Currently the English and German languages are supported
      4. License status – by clicking on the word “Valid” or edit icon the user can enter the license information page and check the license details
      5. Report an issue – opens a new email and pre-sets the:
    • To:
    • Subject: Teams Chat App issue
    • Body: Dear support, I’m having troubles using the app. My issue is …
    • Logs from the app: Saved automatically from the teamsTALK
      6. Version – displays the current version of the app
      7. Sign out – signs out the user from the application and shows the Login page

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