TECH-ARROW short product Manual


How to perform search?
Switch to the Search tab. Enter the desired term and click on the Search button.

How to switch between tree and list view?
To switch to tree view, click on the Tree view tab.

To switch to list view, click on the List view tab.

How to open/download/forward an archived email?
Right click on the desired mail in list view. Select one of the following options:

  1. To open email
  2. To forward email (as attachment, link or ZIP file)
  3. To download email
Note: Email can be forwarded also by opening it first and then forwarding as usual.

Offline synchronization settings
Go to officeGATE settings.

Switch to the Offline synchronization tab. Offline synchronization settings can be found here. More information about offline synchronization in this section of our documentation.

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