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  • Open MS Windows shortcuts (LNK files). Clicking on a Windows-style shortcut (LNK file) will follow the link. If the shortcut points to a folder, a new Finder window will be opened, if the shortcut points to a file, the file will be loaded with the default application for the file. If the shortcut points to a file on the network, the corresponding drive will automatically be mounted, if needed.
  • New Browser Extensions: On web pages containing links to local files or shared file (“file://”), clicking the link will open it via TECH-ARROW’s WinShortcutter’s Windows Link function.

    Note: You will have to install the extension for you preferred Browser (Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome) in TECH-ARROW’s WinShortcutter’s System Preferences first.

  • Works with Monterey, Apple M1 processor (read more here) and also with older MAC OS.
  • Quicklook support: Quicklook will show, where the shortcut points to.
  • Enhanced Mapping feature with arbitrary path. See section “Mappings” below for a detailed explanation.
  • TECH-ARROW’s WinShortcutter Services and context menus:
  • You can open a textual link sent to you by a Windows user by using the service or context menu.

    The Finder context menu has a menu item to copy filename paths or proper URLs into the clipboard. You can then paste the text into an email or your WIKI Server. If the mapping paths is enabled, TECH-ARROW’s WinShortcutter will also do a reverse mapping. You will have to enable the Service in the Preferences.

  • Path copy can also produce Paths with backslashes () for Windows! This behavior is configurable in the System Preferences.
  • Support for CIFS drives.
  • Alias can be generated with Command double-click, without activating in the System Preferences.
  • Configurable support for DFS from Thursby (AdmitMAC, DAVE).
  • See more about the Backward slashes function here:

    WinShortcutter has tutorial videos for an easier understanding of the product features, functions, and installation process. The videos are available on TECH-ARROW’s YouTube channel.

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