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4.1.Opening Windows shortcut file

Simply double-click on a shortcut file (Figure 1 is an example) and the corresponding folder/document will be opened. If the shortcut points to a document, the default application for this document starts and displays the document. If the shortcut points to a file on a network drive, the drive will be mounted automatically (if it is not already mounted) with the protocol defined in the TECH-ARROW’s WinShortcutter preferences (see below).

Figure 1: Image of a Windows shortcut

Note: Windows shortcuts pointing to an executable will not work.

If the mounting of the network drive fails, the Mappings need to be enabled. Find more information about this action here:

WinShortcutter has tutorial videos for an easier understanding of the product features, functions, and installation process. The videos are available on TECH-ARROW’s YouTube channel.

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