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1.Introduction to the public folder archiving

Definition of terms:

Public folder – one folder in the public folder hierarchy
Public folder hierarchy – the tree of all public folders in the organization
Public folder database – special Exchange database (2007, 2010) holding public folders
Public folder mailbox – special Exchange mailbox (2013, 2016) holding public folders
Archive public folder mailbox – contentACCESS representation of public folder (virtual mailbox)

contentACCESS allows to archive public folders in an organization. Individual public folders or folder hierarchies can be archived just as any other mailbox items, and they can be replaced by shortcuts as well. Archiving the public folders with contentACCESS offers many advantages. You can archive using shortcuts and save storage space, still ensuring quick access to the desired items directly from your mailbox. The items can be restored from shortcuts, and they can also be recovered if they have been deleted. You can browse for your public folder items in the archive using contentWEB. User-access to the archived content is comfortable and extremely fast.

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