5.Restoring and recovering

In this section we will explain the differences between and the use of Restore and Recovery jobs

Restore job
Most frequent use case: The user has archived his/her items as shortcuts to save space, but quickly needs the originals back.

The restore job relocates the already archived originals back into the original location, but only in case that they were archived with the shortcutting method (the item has a shortcut in the original location with the same parameters). It has no sense to use it for items that were archive with the „Keep original“ method.

Note:This type of job can’t be used for SharePoint archive, since SharePoint items can’t be archived with the shortcutting method.

Recovery job
Most frequent use case: Some already archived items were deleted by accident.

The recovery job re-generates a file, email or SharePoint system from the archive back to the original location (items can be deleted from the original location, but have to be still present in the archive). The recovery job is able to also reconstruct the entire folder structure from the archive. It is possible to recover any part of the structure:

  • One or multiple folders
  • Recursive folder structure
  • One or more folder contents

The recovery job can recover both original items and shortcuts and. The same recovery job can be run safely multiple times, because it is checking for the duplicates, so they will not be created.

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