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7.1.1.Shortcut discovery (shortcut scan)

Before data are exported, the message status needs to be found out: active or inactive. This is achieved by scanning the mailbox of the respective user and collecting information about MAM shortcuts.

Note: During this scan, contentGATE also collects the properties of the shortcut and stores them in the contentGATE database. This information is later used in the export phase, where the message can be modified if the shortcut is newer than the archived message. This feature is optional and can be specified during the EV target configuration [chapter Configure your source (MAM) and target (EV) archive, option “Synchronize messages with shortcuts (actualize properties)”].

Technical details:

In this stage the application creates the XML file containing all necessary information about the shortcuts and the belonging documents in

the archives.

The XML file is stored in subfolder: <BASEFOLDER>\user email\<STAGEDATE>

File name: user email.xml



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