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6.3.Item list and item preview

If a folder is selected in the navigation pane, its items are displayed in the list view. Each item has several columns. The available item columns are entity-specific and the items can be sorted by these columns (red frame). The administrator may define in the Settings (will be described further in section Table view column configurations) which columns will be visible and which will be hidden..

The item preview (extended metadata information/the body of emails) gets displayed by selecting the particular item from the list view (green frame).

Files’ item list and item preview

Emails’ item list and item preview

Note: The Split attachments option is active (checked) by default. That means that the body of the email and the attachment are stored separately. If the email message containing attachments has been archived by a job, where this option was not checked, our apps (MailApp, officeGATE, contentACCESS Mobile) will show 0 attachments. However, if you open the original email, the attachments are shown.

If this option was checked, but the email was containing embedded email (.msg attachment), this embedded email won’t be displayed between the attachments in our apps.

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