contentACCESS Mobile version 5.1

4.1.3.Email archive

When viewing an Email archive entity, the following properties can be seen:

  1. Flag (primary icon) – it shows that the email has attachment, category, or the item is inactive (deleted)
  2. Email preview
  3. Email sender address (or the name)
  4. Email subject
  5. Text of the email body – the first row from the email
  6. Sent date of the email

After clicking on an email, a more detailed view opens.

By clicking on the Show more, the user may look at more information about the participants (sender/recipient) and the attachments. The attachments can be opened from the expanded attachment list by clicking on the title. If the email has been shared, a Sharing ribbon appears on the bottom of the page (will be described later in the section Share).

From the attachment list, the following actions are available:

  • Open
  • Share file
  • Cancel

The context menu of the email allows the following actions:

  • Share
  • Save file – saves the email to the internal storage, the email will then appear on the Saved page
  • Reply
  • Reply all
  • Forward
  • Show message – only the text of the email will be displayed
  • Close
Note: Emails are saved and shared as .eml files and not all (mainly mobile) devices are able to open that format. To ensure that your shared emails can be opened and read, please use the Reply/Reply all/Forward buttons instead.

Note: The Split attachments option is active (checked) by default. That means that the body of the email and the attachment are stored separately. If the email message containing attachments has been archived by a job, where this option was not checked, our apps (MailApp, officeGATE, contentACCESS Mobile) will show 0 attachments. However, if you open the original email, the attachments are shown.

If this option was checked, but the email was containing embedded email (.msg attachment), this embedded email won’t be displayed between the attachments in our apps.

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