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4.1.2.File archive

When viewing a File archive entity, the following properties can be seen:

  1. Flag (primary icon) – flags have to be previously set on the server
  2. Item preview
  3. Item name
  4. Item size
  5. Location/folder of the file
  6. Date of the last modification of the file
  7. If the file has versions, an icon will appear under the primary icon

After clicking on a file, a more detailed view opens (the properties differ regarding the file format, modifications, etc.). If the item has been shared, a Sharing ribbon appears on the bottom of the page (will be described later in the section Share.

The context menu of the file allows the following actions:

  • Open – opens the file: it is also possible to open the file by clicking on the preview (not all file formats are supported at the moment)
  • Share – the file can be shared (will be described later in the section Share
  • Save file – saves the file to the internal storage, the file will then appear on the Saved page
  • Close – closes the context menu
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