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4.1.5.Teams archive

When viewing a Teams archive entity, the following properties can be seen:

  1. Flag (primary icon) – flags have to be previously set on the server (for example: attachments)
  2. Item preview
  3. Sender
  4. Location/folder of the item
  5. Text of the message body – the first row from the message
  6. Date of the last modification of the item

After clicking on an item, a more detailed view opens.

Note:The links and attachments from the messages are opened in an app browser, which means, that the user doesn’t have to leave the mobileApp to check the inline attachments and links.

The context menu of the item allows the following actions:

  • Open – opens the message
  • Share – the message can be shared (will be described later in the section Share)
  • Save file – saves the item to the internal storage, the item will appear in the Saved page
  • Show message – displayes the whole message without the details (sender, attachments) section
  • Close – closes the context menu
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